In Koru Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. we highly value our scientific approach to youth and beauty. We have been working in the field of research and development of highly specialized laboratories.

R & D Platform

Short peptides

There are no problems with skin and skin care. Koru Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. creates new short-form peptide formulas that are most effective.


Toxins are not solely poisons, they can also be effective medicines. Exemplified by the history of botulinum toxin, perhaps the most famous of all, on the market. It is a study of the use of cosmetology.

Placental preparations

Possessing a huge biorevitalizing potential, it’s not possible to get rid of skin cells.

Vitamins and trace elements

This is a matter of fact that it is associated with a loss of energy. Koru Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. It creates a high energy efficiency.

R & D Strategy

Cellular biology and pathology

One of our most promising areas. Help us keep you up to date.


Studying the mechanisms of aging. Forward the aging process of the body.

Clinical gerontology and geriatrics.

A study of the markers for a lifetime diagnosis and age of population aging.

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