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Velvet Dual Lift Thread

Velvet Dual Lift Threads are used for ptosis correction. They are injected into the skin ensuring the relocation and reliable fixation of soft skin tissue. Velvet threads help to achieve the lifting effect in the desired area.


The main advantage of Velvet Dual Lift Thread is a double-needle. Two needles are injected through a single puncture which significantly reduces the damage of tissue.

Key characteristics of Velvet Dual Lift Threads:

  • Long-lasting lifting effect thanks to relocation of tissue in combination with a firm fixation point;
  • Armoring of tissue – skin induration and the removal of sagginess at the injection point;
  • Strengthening the ligaments thus preventing gravitational ptosis – formation of an extra SMAS level*
  • Ability to dissolve within one year – they are replaced with connective tissue fibers which extends the lifting effect up to 2years;
  • Convergent incisions on the thread ensure reliable lifting and perfect fixation of the facial tissue with a noticeable effect;
  • Extended shelf life up to 3 years thanks to a new vacuum packing technology.
*SMAS (Eng.: Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System ) is a two-layer structure consisting of a superficial fascia consisting of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as a layer of mimic muscles. These layers create a carcass supporting the skin. One side this structure is connected with a higher located soft tissue (skin and subcutaneous fat), and on the other side – by means of connective tissue and bands with the facial bones. 

Indications and contraindications

Armoring by means of Velvet Dual Lift Thread is most effective for patients over 35 years.

Correction zones depending on the problem area:

  • Correction of the lower face and area under the chin using only one thread on each side;
  • Formation of well-defined facial contour, getting rid of jowls and double chin;
  • Correction of the midface area: smoothing nasolabial folds, elimination of furrows of the mid-cheek area;  formation of prominent cheekbones;
  • Correction of the upper face area: lift of brows;
  • Correction of the lower face area: elimination of wrinkles around lips, removal of jowls and formation of well-defined facial contour.


  • Inflammatory processes on the facial area;
  • Blood-clotting disorder, hemorrhagic syndrome;
  • Tendency for cheloid scars formation;
  • Serious accompanying diseases, immunodeficiency, decompensated diabetes;
  • Acute infectious processes, a recrudescence of chronic conditions of internal organs;
  • Pregnancy; lactation period.

Injection process

Upon examination, clearance, and marking performed by a cosmetician, an anesthetic is injected into the skin. Then double needles are injected into identified points and are then separated easily then moved further to the necessary layer. This helps to avoid damage of large vessels and nerves.

When the threads are injected they are strongly fixated within the skin tissue ensuring a lifting effect. The threads are not visible and are not felt under the skin. The procedure together with the anesthesia runs from 40 minutes up to 1 hour. One pack of threads is required for one lift area.

The rehabilitation process is short; complications are not common. Full recovery takes place within 10-14 days.

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