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Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula COG)

Velancia 360° threads 4D COG in cannula (cogs / barbs in a cannula; 360°; multidirectional)

Velancia high-quality mesothreads represent an innovative approach to face and body lifting. The procedure itself is painless and efficient. An invisible frame is created inside the skin tissue ensuring a perfect lifting effect and at the same time does not limit the mimics.

Mesothreads offer a unique approach to correcting facial and body contours. 4D mesothreads (thread lift and bioreinforcement) ensure a rejuvenating process that combines face lifting and face rejuvenation with the effect of mesotherapy.

The subdermic carcass ensures necessary skin volume, does not allow the sagging of skin tissues, prevents wrinkles, and rejuvenates the face and body areas for an extended period of time.

4D mesothreads make it possible to reduce wrinkles, remove nasolabial folds and lift the skin and face contours. They are most suitable for patients who do not need any fullness added to the facial area. This modern method of bio-reinforcement of the face and body can be perfectly combined with other methods such as electric muscle stimulation, laser resurfacing, peeling, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid injections.

Mesothreads consist of two parts:

A thin and elastic needle that enables a cosmetician to perform modeling within different skin levels, and threads made of polydioxanone PDO (totally bio-degradable and fully compatible with human tissue).

Needles are injected into the skin tissue at different levels leaving the needle inside and forming a structure similar to a carcass located inside the epidermis. After 6 – 8 months it fully dissolves into carbon dioxide and water that are then naturally excreted from the body. During this time a solid connective tissue forms lifting the skin and thus prevents it from sagging. Achieved results can last from 2 to 9 years.

The method of injecting mesothreads into the skin tissue is similar to acupuncture: injections are made with a thin needle that stimulates the regeneration process of the natural tissue, strengthening the collagen and elastane synthesis, inducing nerve terminals stimulating muscle performance and making a positive influence on the condition of the central nervous system.

Formation of collagen carcass during the injection of mesothreads:

  1. Skin tissue prior to injecting mesothreads
  2. Skin tissue following thread lift by means of bio-reinforcement with mesothreads
  3. Formation of collagen carcass around mesothreads
  4. Skin lifting carcass after the dissolution of mesothreads

Both the lifting effect as well as diminishing wrinkles and gradual rejuvenation of the skin structure becomes noticeable right after the procedure is completed.

Areas of application:

Facial rejuvenation by means of mesothreads:

  • nasolabial folds
  • lines and wrinkles between lips and a chin
  • wrinkles around lips
  • wrinkles around eyes
  • gravitation ptosis (skin drooping)
  • wrinkles and skin sagginess of the forehead area
  • skin drooping and skin sagginess near eyebrows; wrinkles between eyebrows
  • uneven skin surface; asymmetry after plastic surgery

Body skin rejuvenation by means of mesothreads

  • wrinkles, skin sagginess in the areas of the chin, neck, and chest
  • skin sagginess in the areas of the belly, buttocks, legs and hands
  • uneven body skin surface after liposculpture

How many mesothreads are required?:

Depending on the localization and the level of skin sagginess the number of mesothreads varies from 8 to 25. Each case is different though, and the final decision about the number of required threads should be made by a cosmetician.

Mesothreads Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog)

Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog) threads lift up sagged skin, stimulate collagen synthesis, form a new extensional carcass that is created taking into account anatomical peculiarities and points of fixation of soft tissue. Reinforcement by means of mesothreads Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog) ensures a lasting effect for 1.5 – 2 years.

An important factor is that mesothreads are in no way traumatizing. Their injection does not require any incisions since threads themselves are very thin. Besides, they are elastic: instead of digging through skin tissue they move them apart. Such procedures do not normally cause any hematomas – instead, there are just tiny marks left after the injections that disappear very fast. The rehabilitation process after the procedure lasts only a few hours, and with anesthesia is easily tolerated.

Proposed use of mesothreads Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog):

  • drooping eyebrows
  • wrinkles around lips
  • crow’s feet
  • wrinkles between eyebrows
  • nasolabial wrinkles and lines
  • distinct lacrimal groove
  • skin sagginess in the areas of the cheeks and chin
  • lowered external sides of eyebrows, sagginess of neck tissue
  • skin sagginess in the areas of the belly, buttocks, legs, hands, face, and body

Advantages of using Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog) mesothreads:

  • Velancia mesothreads are hypoallergenic and are 100% biocompatible with human tissue.
  • Risk-free of infiltration, allergic reactions, and hematomas.
  • Needles used for injections are very thin and elastic – instead of digging through tissue they move them apart and leave very small post-injection marks that quickly disappear.
  • They are not harmful to human skin. The method itself is not traumatic as there are no cuts made in the skin.
  • Topical anesthesia is applied during the procedure which makes it painless. The rehabilitation process lasts only a few hours after the procedure is completed.
  • Neither mesothreads nor anesthesia causes any allergic reaction. Insignificant redness disappears within just a few hours. Threads dissolve in six months degrading into carbon dioxide and water. Repeated injections become possible following a specific period of time.
  • The procedure lasts about 40 minutes. The effect is noticeable the following day. Injections do not cause any swelling or hematomas.
  • One month after the procedure it becomes possible to turn to laser resurfacing or electric muscle stimulation. This method can be combined with RF-lifting, contour plastic surgery, as well as mesotherapy. Reinforcement with mesothreads can serve as a final stage after surgical face-lift.

Contraindications to mesothreads:

  • Flu or other acute infectious diseases
  • Herpetic or impetiginous eruption
  • Oncology diseases
  • Coagulation failure
  • Skin inflammation in the area of prospective threads injection

Mesothreads Velancia offer an innovative approach to correcting age-related changes.


Thread length

Thread diameter

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19G — 100mm



21G — 100mm

Packing unit: 20 pcs/pack

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