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Crystal Fillers

New premium dermal fillers: 

A new line of premium fillers that have been created using NASHA technology – an advanced process of purifying hyaluronic acid (HA) without using any animal-sourced materials, ensuring that the risk of impurities is close to zero. The fillers also contain lidocaine for reducing pain and discomfort. CRYSTAL fillers can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth. Additionally, CRYSTAL fillers continue to work over time by stimulating the natural production of collagen, improving the skin’s elasticity and strength.


CRYSTAL fillers undergo an extensive purification process to obtain the purest, highest-quality hyaluronic acid with low amounts of endotoxins – less than 0.0005*EU/mg (standard amount of other fillers is 0.25 EU/mg). It is commonly known that after cross-linking HA, the end product may contain residual amounts of unreacted molecules of cross-linkers. A high concentration of these residual molecules in the linking substance can be toxic. Takes special measures during the purification process to eliminate as many unreacted molecules of cross-linkers as possible from the end product to reduce the maximum risks of hypersensitivity, inflammation and secondary reactions. The absence of endotoxins and proteins from HA with a minimum reticulating agent of 0.26 mg/ml ensures that CRYSTAL fillers are premium, high quality and effective products. A high concentration of HA boosts antioxidant defense mechanisms of the epidermis. In addition, an improvement in the nutrient enrichment of the epidermis cells and skin’s resistance to UV radiation.

*The concentration of endotoxins has been set to not exceed 0.25 EU/ml to minimize adverse effects.

Each CRYSTAL filler has a unique viscoelastic quality to target a specific problem, such as correcting small mimic wrinkles or volumizing face and lips. Despite the various densities, all three fillers have a high level of plasticity that enables them to be easily sculpted, modeled and easily positioned in tissue to obtain the most natural effect. Also, the fillers have a high level of elasticity which prevents the product from migrating and ensures a better volumizing effect. CRYSTAL fillers have combined features of monophasic and biphasic gels that can correct and smooth the deepest wrinkles while offering long lasting results, with duration of up to 18 months.


  • Use of highly purified hyaluronic acid (non-animal origin);
  • High safety due to low concentrations of the residual cross-linking agent;
  • Low risk of scars due to low levels of protein in HA gel;
  • Long lasting effect;
  • No migration and no lumps due to highly elastic formula;
  • Correction of wrinkles, fills desired area with volume and moisturizes skin.
Cross-linking BDDE BDDE BDDE
Hyaluronic acid concentration 20 mg/ml (2.0%) 20 mg/ml (2.0%) 20 mg/ml (2.0%)
Lidocaine concentration 3 mg/ml 3 mg/ml 3 mg/ml
Cross-linking level
Molecular weight 1,000,000 g/mole 1,000,000 g/mole 1,000,000 g/mole
pH ≈ 7.0 ≈ 7.0 ≈ 7.0
Elasticity modulus 79 Pa 105 Pa 220 Pa
Needle size 1х27G ½

1х30G ½

2x27G ½ 1х25G ½”

1х27G ½

Volume of syringe 1.0 ml 1.0 ml 1.0 ml
Type of injection Intradermal
(superficial to mid dermis)
(mid to deep dermis)
Subcutaneous and/or Supraperiosteal
(deep dermis)
Indications The most delicate of the three fillers. It is for eliminating irregularities of the skin, correcting small wrinkles (I and II degrees) and correcting atrophic scars. It can also be used for contouring lips. Corrects esthetic defects and restores volume in the soft tissue of cheek, temporal and malar regions. It is used for correcting deep folds, restoring volume in cheekbones, chin or earlobes and lips. The most intensive filler in the CRYSTAL line. It perfectly eliminates deep wrinkles and folds (IV-V degrees), restores the volume of soft tissue in the malar, temporal and nasal regions, chin and facial contour.
Duration From 6 to 12 months, depending on the method and treatment area and the patient’s features. From 9 to 12 months, depending on the injection method, treatment area and the patient’s features. Due to the high cross-linking level, CRYSTAL Ultra can stay in the tissues for a period of up to 18 months, depending on the injection method, treatment area and the patient’s features.
Package 1 Syringe,
2 Needles
1 Syringe,
2 Needles
1 Syringe,
2 Needles

Avoid direct sunlight and store at 2°С to 25°С.

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